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Home Performance Fitness

A fitness experience catered to you and your goals.

About Home Performance

In 2006 Andy Aversano started school at Central Washington University with an interest in Exercise Science.  While studying for his degree he got a job as a personal trainer at Central Washington University's, Rec Center. Where he began to develop a passion for personal training.   In 2009 he graduated with a degree in Exercise Science.  Soon after graduating, he moved to Seattle to get a job as a fitness professional. Andy found a job in Seattle, downtown South Lake Union, at a Gym called, "Rain Fitness".  Once Andy got the job he began to train clients right away. In just a few months Amazon would end up purchasing their first building just kiddie corner from the gym.  In one year 5,000 jobs ended up going in across the street. The area exploded with young professionals who wanted to be in shape.  For years Andy honed his fitness skills on hundreds of clients with every body type and injuries imaginable. He would end up working his way to 8-12 clients a day and clients on the weekends.   

After dealing with the rat race for years, the idea of having a private fitness studio that is 100% catered to individuals seeking higher quality, private, personal training experience started to take hold in Andy's mind.  A safe place for clients. If they want to grunt, yell, have someone to take pictures for them, blast their own music, look sweaty and gross with no judgment from anyone.  A fitness experience like no other!  Home Performance is a personal training service that is 100% catered to you and your fitness needs.  All fitness levels are welcome if you are an athlete training for a sport or someone that has never been to a gym. We can come up with a workout that is science-based, fun, challenging, and result-driven.


Now in Ellensburg, WA a one-on-one or two-on-one private training experience!! Come experience what your body has been missing all these years! Call (509) 899-9721 to set up a fitness consultation and assessment.

My Personal Mission


To Provide You With The Best Care Possible.

When you call and set up your appointment.  We will schedule a time to meet, sit with you privately, and talk about your fitness goals. Is there a big event coming up? Do you want to lose weight? Or are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Where ever you are physically we can come up with a plan for you that will give you life-changing results.    


After I get a basic idea of where you stand it's time to get a better understanding of your body physically.  This is a one-hour assessment that will tell us what your body fat, strength, endurance, and flexibility are.  This workout will be a general full-body workout to see and understand where you stand physically.   We will take all your measurements and get an idea of where you stand for your body type and age bracket.


Once our first initial workout and fitness assessment are complete. We will have an idea of your body fat %, and your muscular strength, and know if there are any injuries or imbalances we need to work around.  This is when we can now prescribe a program that would be best fitted to you and your budget. 

Online Personal Training

If coming to the studio is out of the question, do not worry!  You can still receive all the benefits of having a fitness coach behind you.  After a 30min to 1-hour phone consultation, I can get a better understanding of your life and the tools you have to work with.  Based on the topics we covered in our conversation I will develop a program to fit your lifestyle and the tools you have at home.  If you have a home gym or just a yoga mat it does not matter.  Developing a program for you to get you the results you want is always the goal.


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