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What is Home Performance 3D?

Simply put HPF 3D is the easiest, fastest, most non-invasive way to keep track of your fitness! Utilizing the Styku 3D imaging scanner we can now track progress with 100% confidence.

The scan is 97% accurate. Body Fat, Lean Mass, Bone Mass. Results in minutes!!

Track your measurements: Neck, Forearms, Bicep, Chest, Waist, Hips, Glutes, Quads, and Calves. 


3D Body scanning is the newest and best way to track your overall health. All too often people get discouraged because of the scale. It’s very common to see someone gain weight the first month they start working out. This is for many reasons.  Even though their clothes fit better, they feel better, they just can’t see the change.


With just one scan a month we can track 100% of your results with 97% accuracy. No pinching or hand measuring. Body Scanning sessions and coaching are 30min in length and are completely private, behind the curtain. With this information, we can appropriately prescribe calorie count and if you stick to the plan, we can give you a date as to when you will likely reach your goal. 

If your ready to start tracking your fitness with confidence call (509) 899-9721 or email to schedule an appointment!                                      

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